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Ferret Frenzy of N.C.




The ferret is a carnivor which means they are meat eaters, a ferret needs a well balanced feed that has real meat in the ingrediants. There are many different companys out there to purchase ferret food from, however all are not healthy feed for your ferret.  Just because they say ferret food it does not mean they have the proper protiens and nutrients that a ferret needs to have a shiney coat and proper health. Many have turned to feeding there ferret cat foods which is a good choice if you buy quality cat food. I feed my ferret IAM's cat food which includes excellent  nutrients that the ferret must have to have a healthy and long life, it also includes a formula to breakdown hairballs, which immediately I noticed my ferret does not have hairballs caught in his throat any more. The average grocery store cat food is not going to cut it, they lack in the proper protiens and nutrients that the ferret must have. Another wonderful feed is Marshall farm's ferret food which by the way is an excellent choice for your ferret. What ever you choose to purchase for your ferret to eat make sure it is a healthy choice that will benefit the health of your ferret which in return will possibly add years to your ferrets life. Last but not least always give your ferret free access to fresh water.  I give my ferret water through a water bottle, I tried to give it in a ceramic bowl and he played in it and eventually fliped it over which of course caused a big mess not to mention he was then out of water to drink. Remember, a healthy ferret is a happy ferret and a happy ferret makes a wonderful pet!